Egg hunt

The day before Easter Matt's parents had us, along with his brother Mike and kids, over for an egg hunt.  Marlene made us all a delicious breakfast and then we were onto the hunt in the freezing cold weather. We didn't get any sunshine Easter weekend, then two days later it was in the high 80s.

The kids were cute running around searching for eggs.  

This was Alayna's first hunt and she caught on right away.  She was so cute.  She raced around with her bucket searching for eggs.  

 Alayna was quite excited once she realized there were jelly beans inside of the eggs.  She opened them all up and ate her loot.

Ethan is quite adept at finding eggs and had no problem finding his fair share of them.

My nephew Clayton (4)

My niece Jenelle (6)
My nephew Stephen (2), who caught up with Ethan in tow-headedness (I made that word up)

Ethan and Clayton looking through their stash



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