I have pictures to share, but I'm sitting out back with my Netbook while my kids play in the water table, so you're going to have to settle for a bunch of my random thoughts....

*Back in January Matt went through all of our finances and made charts and graphs and we had a "financial meeting" complete with a Powerpoint.  I love that he did this because let me tell you people, that area is NOT my strength.  Us creative types tend to live more in the moment and lack the patience and motivation to do something like that.  Matt made us a budget and we've happily been trying our best to stick to to it.  It feels so good to have that area on track, and I honestly like the budget.  We hadn't made a budget and actually stuck to it since we were first married.  The best part is that Matt takes care of it and keeps track of it all and lets me know where we're at.  He even does my bookkeeping and keeps track of all my business stuff :)  I'm sure happy to have someone to balance me out in an area that I am not good at!

*Yay for sunshine!  I feel like April has been so gloomy and COLD.  I'm happy to have the sun back :)

*If you ever decide that you'd like to have a butt load of flies swarming around your house at all times, move a few blocks away from a chicken ranch.  The amount of flies around here right now is out of control!

*Ethan has been HARD lately. Granted, he's normally not an easy child, but lately he's been extra challenging.   I don't feel like getting into it, but let's just say.... ugh.  Motherhood is the HARDEST thing I've done to date, that's for sure.

*My allergies have been INSANE lately.  They have never been this bad before.  I'm thinking I must be very allergic to something that's blooming right now.  I've had to take Alavert every single day for weeks.  I'm ready to not be sniffly anymore!

*Alayna has started responding to questions with "I dunno", it's pretty cute.  Another cute thing is that anytime she sees Minnie or Micky Mouse she points and says "mouse" in a really cute voice.  Love it.  I'm really loving this age with her right now.  Her language is exploding these days.

*Today was filled with poop drama with Ethan.  Constipation for three days, mirilax, suppository, lots of fussing and crying, him refusing to go until he finally pooped his pants, then going a lot, then pooping his pants a little bit 3 more times, then putting poopy underwear into the dryer while he was supposed to be napping (and I was in the living room).... wow.  It's amazing what we must put up with as moms huh?

*My kids have been fighting a lot this week.  Alayna has started antagonizing Ethan.  It's really a lot of fun (hopefully you detect my sarcasm in that).

*Tomorrow is TMOMS.  I love TMOMS Fridays.  The sad thing is that we only have 2 more meetings and then we don't meet again until fall :(  I definitely miss it all summer long. I've really enjoyed my table this year.  Tomorrow will be extra fun because I have TMOMS in the morning and dinner at the Flores casa in the evening :)

*I made it to the gym four days this week and worked out HARD.  I think every muscle in my body hurts.  It's a pain that makes me happy. 

That's probably enough randomness....
It's been quite the day.
I'm happy tomorrow is Friday...
that's what's getting me through the remainder of today :)



Kelly said…
So bummed to have missed Tmoms! Isn't constipation horrible? Kendall still deals with it. I NEVER heard other moms warn me about it and how hard it can be for you AND the kiddo. I'm sorry Ethan has been so uncomfortable. :(

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