My little climber

Lately every time I leave a room I come back to find this....

Alayna on the counter, or the bar, or the kitchen table... 
or any place she shouldn't be.

The little stinker is a climber.
Oh man...
she is a danger to herself.

After I got her down from the counter she drug out the dog bed, brought it in the kitchen, and decided to play in it.
 I don't know what it is about dog beds that are so fun to my kids. 
Perhaps because they are the perfect size for little ones?

The poor dog is like "hey, where are you going with that????"



Genn said…
Funny. That's how Claire is. She climbs, she jumps, she destroys. She's crazy. Gotta keep our eyes on those second children!
Charlee said…
My kids were not climbers but they share her love of dog beds!
Norm Hayess said…
That is too funny. You child and my dog act so alike.
Mom H said…
The one in the dog bed looks just like E a little younger, I did a double take and realized the pants were pink!! It's Alayna!
Christy said…
Oh man I have a climber and frankly at almost 7 years old I have just given up. I enrolled her in trapeze classes at circus which seems to get some of it out but she's too fast for me. I blink and shes standing on the counter climbing on top of the fridge for something. UGH! I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! :) Fun seeing you the to other day at our "hang out." LOL!

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