Snow, in April?

April showers snow storms, bring May flowers, right?
We've had some crazy weather lately.
Last week I was sporting a sun dress and enjoying the warm sunshine,
today week we awoke to this....

The side of the front of our house

Approximately three inches of snow!
In April!
So much for the yardwork we had planned on doing today!
Instead, we took a snow day and stayed inside :)

part of the backyard

Crazy, right?
I was excited, but my first thought was that I was so sad that my newly planted garden was most likey dead...

I guess I won't plant a garden in late March again.
Most parts of the country would not think snow would be blog worthly,
but here in Southern California snow sticking to the ground is a once a year event
(in our city at least).

Being that it doesn't snow often, I do not buy my kids snow boots each year,
so Ethan threw on some tennis shoes and tromped around in the backyard.
He was mostly excited about eating the snow.

He excidedtly exclaimed:
"Mom, the clouds came and emptied ALL this snow for us!  I better hurry up and eat it before the sun melts it!"

And eat it he did :)

we ate some of these ice-cycles too

Nothing like snow on your newly sprouting trees

After about 15 minutes we were all pretty frozen and scurried inside.
Alayna was still asleep, so she missed out on all the fun...
poor second child :)
I made us blueberry pancakes and we happily ate them while enjoying the pretty view from our windows.

 I was NOT excited about having my picture taken while still in my jammies with no makeup on...
but Matt insisted,
and in an effort to keep it real, and post pictures of myself,
here I am in all of my morning glory...

The view from the dining room window... the snow made the trees bend over

Looking at all the snow out of our family room window
Happy spring??



Rhonda said…
Ok so your Palm Springs tram way pictures look like YOUR front yard :)
Christine said…
You are so lucky to get snow... that's awesome!!! And yeh, I wished I looked that good in the morning! Your kids are always so adorable!
Jolene Grace said…
Holy moly that's a lot of snow! How very pretty though! You should scour the thrift stores for snow boots, etc. for next year. You never know what you'll get!
Christy said…
I know snow in April right? We had 4" and my kids and dog were all to happy to be outside running the streets at 6:30am playing in it. :) We had to go out back and shake off the Christmas trees we have been growing for the girls the past few years. They were laying on the ground. :( Im ready for May flowers!

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