Strawberry munching

We just retruned from a super fabulous four days in Vegas, and I have lots to say and lots to share....
and I will a little later.
I have a super busy week...
three photoshoots and another from last week to edit,
fun activities planned for my kids...
and all the regular stuff that goes along with a week.
For now I have a couple of funny pictures of Alayna I wanted to post.

Last week Ethan was still napping so Alayna and I took advantage of the nice weather.  She decided to chill with Ethan's bike helmet on her head while she ate some strawberries and fresh whipped cream.
Seems logical right?
I mean everyone hangs out wearing a helmet... hehe.

 Seriously, if the girl didn't have dirt around her mouth it just wouldn't be a normal day.  
Don't mind the snotty nose as well.
She has earned the nickname "ragamuffin" with pride :)



SSchenkel said…
Hehe! My girls love wearing their helmets around, too...and not while we ride bikes. Of course! I love Alayna's added style of wearing it backward, however. ;)

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