We went to Vegas for three nights with the Oates this past weekend.
We redeemed my mom's Christmas present to us and she watched the kids while we went away.
Oh my was it ever fun....
seriously the best time I've had in Vegas to date.
Not much sleep was had,
but TONS of fun was :)

I didn't lug along my DSLR (I never do on trips),
but I did have my point and shoot with me.

We stayed at the Oates' timeshare and didn't even have to pay for a room (except for the last night when we had to find another hotel, which is a long story). It was very kind of them to allow us to tag along :)  We had such a great time relaxing, eating, laughing, laying by the pool and going out at night.  It was nice for all of us to be able to talk, laugh, and not have to take care of little ones.

Laying out by the pool and relaxing is something that only happens if we go on vacation without our kids, so it doesn't happen often!  We spent like 4 hours each day at the pool.

Faith and I bought matching hats at the gift store... we thought we were pretty cool, lol

my artistic self portrait with my point and shoot

On Saturday morning Faith and I convinced the guys to come along for pedicures with us. 
They didn't get color or anything, but it's nice to be groomed and have your feet rubbed.
Matt said he enjoyed his, but it's not something he would pay for again.

We thought the sky looked cool reflected in my sunglasses, so Matt took a picture

We went down to Freemont Street one night and had a blast.
I love how it doesn't feel like you are outside even though you are.
I was tempted to try the zip line that goes over the street...
but I was wearing a dress, so it was a no go.

We couldn't figure out why Vegas was so crowded and no hotels had rooms avaiable on Saturday night.  We figured it out at Freemont Street... the American Country Music Awards were being held at the MGM on Saturday night.  There were all kinds of free concerts going on and lots of cowboy boots and cowboy hats.  We saw Sarah Evans and Jason Young perform while we were at Freemont Street.

We all managed to play blackjack at The "Big F" (Fitzgeralds) for hours on only $40.00, and then Matt and I walked away breaking even and the Oates came out ahead.  I like to play blackjack, but I hate spending much money, so this was perfect. 

The next night after spending the afternoon by the pool we had a nice dinner at an Italian place at the hotel we were staying at. After dinner we hung out in the casino at the hotel for a while since they had $5.00 blackjack and then hit the strip.  We had so much fun walking around.  We played some blackjack at the Bellagio for a while as well.

Of course we had to take a little stroll through their pretty indoor garden. 
That's one of my favorite parts of Vegas.
Where else but Vegas can you stroll around in gardens after midnight?  lol

James struck up a pose for us at some high end store (I forget which one)...
because we're classy like that ;)

After a lot of fun Faith and I hit a wall at about 2:00 am and had to go back to the room and crash.
Staying out until 2:00 is late for me! 

Sunday morning we bellied up to a tasty breakfast cafe and stuffed ourselves before heading on out of town to get back to our kiddies.  It's amazing how a long drive doesn't' feel long when you don't have kids to entertain. 
Matt and I at breakfast on Sunday

What a FUN trip!
We all agreed that it needs to become an annual tradition :)


Kelly said…
That sounds sooooo fun (except for the lack of sleep...hehehe). Glad you had such a wonderful time together. :) So what was the best meal you had??? :)
Jolene Grace said…
Looks like a blast. Glad you got such a great getaway. :)
Rhonda said…
The first time Bruce and I travelled without kids (after having kids that is) the comment was, "no wonder we used to love to travel by car." Kids have a way of making you appreciate the simple things, huh?
jo said…
SO glad you all enjoyed yourselves...and sober even!! hahah.
SSchenkel said…
Look at you hot mamas!

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