bath paints, a sick boy and the yard

Poor Ethan came down with a nasty bug on Friday night.  He woke up at 3:00 am with a croup-like cough and couldn't breathe.  He then had a fever and cough for two days and didn't get off the couch hardly at all.  Thank goodness for cartoons!!  Today he's still feeling icky but at least his fever is gone.  He has no energy.  The poor little guy asked to go to bed at noon :(  I think this is the sickest he's ever been.  The one kind of selfish and positive thing about about him being sick is how calm our house has been since all he's done is lay on the couch.  Sadly him being sick has almost felt relaxing for me.  Hopefully no one else gets this nasty bug!!!
(well, scratch the no fever thing, after posting this he woke up from his nap with his fever back... 102... poor buddy)

Matt spent the weekend in the backyard....
He looks excited doesn't he?  hehe.
Mostly he didn't want his picture taken after working all day.
It's dirty out there.
He is in the process of changing out all the sprinklers and fixing a few,
smoothing out the dirt and making it all level,
and getting it ready for the lawn that will hopefully be planted soon.
I didn't help this weekend since I had to stay inside and take care of my sickies (Alayna has a cold as well).

The other evening (before the kids were sick), I mixed up a little food coloring with shaving cream and let the kids paint with it in the bath.  They thought it was great.  Ethan stayed in the bath tub for an entire hour!

That's pretty much what we've been up to...
nothing super exciting.



Kelly said…
That is such a great idea with the shaving cream. I would be scared it would stain...but obviously it didn't for you!
Genn said…
Poor Ethan.
Hope he feels better soon.
Good idea with the shaving cream and food coloring for the bath. I might do that tonight. (If I'm in the mood to clean afterwards.) :)

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