birdies and banners

There are currently two bird nests with little baby birds in our back yard.  I love hearing them tweet tweet.  One of the nests is in a low bush tucked way up in the middle.  I was able to take a little peek at the babies.... there are four of them.  I made sure not to touch anything :)  They make a big cute squawking ruckus when mama or dad comes into the nest to food them.  Kind of reminds me of when my own kids are hungry ;)

Mama AND Daddy keep good watch over the nest,
I watch them take turns keeping watch and going in to feed the hungry babies.

I made a couple of festive little banners that are making me happy...
a patriotic bunting banner...

I love red, white and blue.
All I did for this one was cut out stars from some paint samples I picked up while at Lowes yesterday.  I then sewed the stars together.



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