Least favorite chore: folding laundry.  I'd gladly scrub toilets to get out of putting away laundry.

Most rewarding chore: cleaning the floors.  I love when my floors are clean.  It makes the whole house seem clean to me even if some of my end tables are dusty.

Clutter:  I hate it.  I try to keep my counter-tops clutter free.  If stuff is piled all over I feel disorganized and icky.  I'm constantly picking up stuff to keep my house free of clutter.

Frequency: I clean my floors at least once a week (mop my tile and vacuum the rest of the house).  Dusting seems to take place about every other week.  Sadly cleaning the bathrooms happens only when I notice they are getting pretty bad.  The nice thing about having colored toilets from the 80s is that you can't tell when they start getting dirty.  Also, I noticed a HUGE difference moving from a house with old windows to a house with double pained windows.... the amount of dust in this house is WAY less than my old house, which means I don't even have to dust as often :)

Cleaning products: I use pure bleach in a spray bottle to clean my toilets.  I use Pledge to dust (I've tried using vinegar but I just really love Pledge so much more). I use 409 to disinfect things where I wouldn't use bleach.  My favorite counter cleaner is Mrs. Meyers lemon spray.


Kelly said…
Yes, what is it about folding laundry? Blek!!!! You are way better than I about your floors. That is my least favorite, therefore it does not get done as often. I agree about the counters. I want my kitchen counters clear and crumb free for me to feel not icky. :)
Charlee said…
See I would rather do laundry then toilets! I guess thats because I have 2 men in the house and its very obvious!

As for cleaning I love pledge nothing works on wood like it and neither does the all purpose one for electronics or the orange oil which makes furniture feel and look like almost new every time!
Genn said…
I hate clutter too. I despise it. Always picking it up. And always throwing things away too!

I love that mrs meyers spray as well. I want to try the laundry detergent.
Christy said…
I will do just about anything to avoid laundry. ANYTHING! Takes so much time to wash, dry, sort, fold and then get everyone going the same direction to help put it all away. Can you imagine having like 6 kids? We would have to wear dirty clothes all the time. LOL!

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