Ethan at 3 1/2

My little E-Man,
I felt like it was time to record who you are right now so that I can always remember.  You are three and a half right now. I have to admit, it's not the easiest age with you.  The terrible twos have nothing on the tyrannical threes, lol.  I think this stage that you're at right now is your most challenging yet.

You are a social person.  You thrive off of social interaction.  Never in your life have you been one to go off and play quietly by yourself.  If you ever did this I just might faint :)  You like to interact with people, talk with people, play with people and be with people.  I can't wait to see how this manifests itself as you grow older.  I can see you doing great things.

Your little mind never stops working.  You ask question after question after question.  Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I get a bit frustrated at the constant "whys", but then I try to remind myself that you are learning so much about the world around you right now.

You are SUPER loving and affectionate.  I've said it before, but I just love that about you.  You will randomly tell us all throughout the day "I wuv you Mommy and Daddy".  Of course it just melts us :)

You are getting to be much better at being a good big brother.  When we are out in public you hold your sister's hand and guide her around.  At home you look out for her and tell me if she's in danger or into some trouble (which she often seems to find herself). You can be mean to her... and you are, but she's starting to be able to hold her ground a little better.

You are so very articulate.  Strangers often tell me how very articulate you are and it's true, you express yourself so very well.  Your vocabulary amazes me. You say things that seem way beyond the age of three.

You can still be quite the sneaky little guy.  I really can't trust you if I'm not around you.  You often sneak food out of the fridge, get into things you know you shouldn't be into and do things you know you shouldn't.  I often see that little sinful nature of yours manifest itself in sneaky ways :)  Don't worry though, we all have it.  I'm trying to teach you how to control those urges, but I think that is something we all work on for our entire lives.

You love to read Bible stories and you're finally starting to say your own little prayers at dinner and bedtime. As soon as you're finished eating the four bites of food you consider dinner, you bring us your children's Bible and ask us to read story after story.  How could we say no to this???  It's so awesome to see you learning Bible stories and remembering them.  I especially love when I see that you've learned something at church and you then make the connection when we read a Bible story at home.

You've been learning all of your letters and the corresponding sounds.  You love learning and are quite cute about it.  You often tell me "mom, I need to learn all my letters."

You are very rough and tumble.  If you're playing with a toy shopping cart or stroller, you're running with it or ramming it into the walls.  You ram your dump trucks into things outside.  You run around like a crazy man.  The noise you can produce is insane.  I'm wondering if maybe you're ready to play a sport of some sort.  I'm not a mom to push the organized activities, so I guess we'll see how things pan out in the fall.

You are passionate.  If something upsets you, you want the whole neighborhood to know it.  You SCREAM at the top of your lungs.  This drives me insane, and you know it, which is why I think you do it all the more.  I try to ignore your screaming and put you in your room until you can compose yourself.  I understand that when you feel emotions, you seem to really FEEL them.  I wonder how this passionate nature of yours will manifest itself out as you grow older.

Some of your recent "Ethanisms" that make your daddy and I laugh are...

-You ask people "Do you want to come at my house?"
-You bring us a book and tell us "Can you tell the words to me?"
-When you talk about being an adult you say "When I'm a big man I can _________."  It's super cute.
-Your best friends right now are your Grammy, Christian and Grady.  You call them all your "best friend".  I think it's cute that you have a few of them :)
-In the morning time you say "It's a beautiful day, the sun popped up!"
-When winking you say "I peaked at you".
-You call the elevator an "alligator".  "Mom, let's ride the alligator again!"
-When using chapstick you say "I just had a lip of my chapstick".

I love you buddy boy...
you sure do teach me a whole lot about patience, and perseverance.
I'm constatnly learning how to best mother you.
Some days I do a decent job, and you know what...
some days I fail miserably.
I'm not perfect, and I'm far from it.
But one thing is sure, that my love for you is unfailing.
I pray that no matter what, you grow to love the Lord with all your heart.

Your Mama


krista said…
Precious...I was just thinking I need to start my 3 and a half Madyson letter. Oh my. Weren't we just pregnant with E & M and weren't we just talking about how to keep them awake while nursing and nap issues? Time flies, huh.
He is precious and it's fun to read about what he's doing and what he likes. Three has been pretty rough but I will say it's been looking up. I hope the second half of three is easier than the first was for us both ;) Happy 3.5 Ethan :)
Kelly said…
Love how you included such specific things he says...those will be so fun to read in the years to come. :)
Matt said…
I love our boy!

Remember a couple days ago when I was explaining something to you and he asked, "Dad, do you know EVERYTHING??" He makes us laugh a lot!

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