I've mentioned before that I'm in charge of the mom's group at my church.  I planned a few little fieldtrips over the past two months that my kids have enjoyed a lot.  I'm loving that my kids are both old enough to enjoy outings like this. 

We went to Lowes and got a tour. The kids got their own little aprons (which both of my kids refused to wear), got to watch a demo of the huge saw in the lumber department, see how the rope cutter works, tour the garden center and they even got little seed packets to take home.  It was super cute.

**all images taken with my point and shoot, hence the low quality :)

The kids covering their ears as they watched the big saw cut wood

Ethan watching the guy splice some rope

Pretending to drive the riding mower... great fun

playing around in the garden center

Alayna comparing her seeds with one of her buddies

This past Monday we went to a tour of Bass Pro shops with TMOMS.  It was a super cute fieldtrip.  This was the first time my kids had been in this place.  Ethan was a little intimidated by the stuffed bears up on the walls and insisted on riding in the stroller while Alayna happily walked with the crowd, lol.  I think their favorite part was getting to climb up into the boats.

Gotta love the expression on Ethan's face... lol... my boy gets overwhelmed by things sometimes

All the kiddos in our group (minus babies) in front of the tent display

This is not really why I brought the stroller in with us... silly boy

Now this is more his style... relaxing in the boat ;)

After the tour we went across the street to Victoria Gardens where we ate some lunch and enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather.  The kids had a blast riding the train for the first time.  I was quite surprised Ethan wanted to ride it as he gets overwhelmed and scared of things like this, but he LOVED it and didn't want to get off.



Kelly said…
Isn't that Bass shop great? Almost like a Frontier atmosphere at Disneyland. On the weekends they have yummy chocolate covered marshmallow sticks (3 marshmallows) you can get dipped in different toppings...for just a dollar. It's always a fun treat for the kids...and...myself. :)

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