"God made dirt and dirt don't hurt"....

My kids are loving the amount of dirt in our yard,
it's plentiful right now :)
It won't be for much longer.
We're planning on rototilling next weekend,
then Matt will repair all of the sprinklers and get them ready for...
drumroll please...
a NEW LAWN!!!!!
A lawn with REAL grass,
instead of just weeds masquereding as grass.
At our old house we completely re-did the yard and Matt kept our lawn meticulous,
so living with this mess has been an adjustment for us :)

Don't worry, we'll still have quite a bit of dirt for them to play with,
it just won't be the entirety of our yard.

Gotta love these end of the day pulled out pig tails :)

I picked up this Tonka dump truck for $2.00 at a yard sale last weekend... score

Oh, and they are not only digging in the dirt, but down into the numerous gopher runs we have throughout the yard.  Yeah, we're working that too.... ***Sigh***



Genn said…
Hi Jessica,
Looks like you have been doing a lot to your yard and home. New grass will be so nice.
Hope you had a nice mothers day. :)
Christy said…
The Harker girls LOVE dirt too!
Crystal Keilers said…
You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see it grow =).

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