Holland Festival and Mother's Day

It happens every year on the first Saturday in May....
The annual Holland Festival at Redlands Christian School.
Matt has NEVER missed a Holland Festival.... in his entire life.
It's a tradition for the Hekman family.

The school puts on the Holland Festival as a fundraiser.  It's written into the budget, so it's a big deal, and a way to keep tuition down. They depend on it for revenue every year, and we are happy to help out, as are a LOT of other very generous families.  It's a festival that celebrated the Dutch heritage of the school.  They have carnival games, bounce houses, yummy food, a silent auction, and the big money maker... the live auction.  Sadly this year we did not attend the live auction for the first time since I met Matt, and that was due to our kids being at a difficult age to enjoy such an event.  We did however eat our fair share of ollie bollen (a Dutch donut),  eat tasty food from the Dutch kitchen, and let our kids partake in the carnival fun.

Matt's Dad is on the school board (and has been for many years), he spends the day selling raffle tickets dressed in Hawaiian gear
 Mmmmmm..... ollie bollen,
this is a MUST at the Holland Festival.
I limited myself to three, and that was good for me ;)
I can easily down six of these deep fried delectables

My mom came and met up with us for a while, and enjoyed watching the kids have fun.
My kids love them some Grammy.... and she loves it too :)
  My mom took Alayna into the petting zoo. 
My little miss LOVES animals and especially enjoyed the bunnies.

Jolene came and met up with us with her boys. 
Ethan loved having Christian there to partake in the festivities. 
Little Jonny delighting in the baby ducks

This picture makes me laugh big time...
Ethan is playing the "Go Fish" game.
It's not common you randomly see FOUR toe headed little boys in the same place...
except when around a bunch of Dutch people...  ;)

Matt helping Ethan and Christian to play some shooting game... which they thought was great

The two best buds... happy to see one another

Oh how I love the sweet innocence of two little three year old friends holding hands... so very sweet

We headed home around 1:00 and I went to a bridal shower for my friend Raylea (who I know from high school).  Matt enjoyed some peace and quiet at home while the kids napped and I enjoyed some fun girl time.

I'm going to be honest,
the vain part of me did not want to post this picture since I was tired,
had been all sweaty and in the sun all day,
was a little sleep deprived and not feeling super pretty at this point...
but it is what it is :)
This is me with Teresa (on the left) and Raylea (the bride)...
they are both friends of mine from high school.
I think it's awesome that over ten years after graduating I can still be a part of this special time in Raylea's life.

So now I'm going to make this a super long post because today is Mother's Day.
It was a nice day for us.
Matt made a lot of sweet little gestures towards me, which is totally my love language (acts of kindness).

He got the kids ready for church, made me breakfast, let me get ready in peace, took me out to eat at El Rio Cafe (my request... I had a mahi mahi taco which I enjoyed immensely), let me relax during nap time (and took care of Ethan who pooped his pants in his room.... on purpose... and then got him to still take a nap), took Alayna with him and went grocery shopping, then came home and cooked me a DELICIOUS dinner.  He made me the best top sirloin I've ever had (it's a tough meat to cook well since it's so lean), some yummy grilled shrimp, and grilled asparagus. We enjoyed a yummy bottle of wine, and the kids even played nicely while we ate.

It was a great mother's day.
I'm blessed to have a husband who appreciates me an loves me so very much,
and two little kiddos who bless me beyond measure.
Really at this point in my life, having a day "off" from my typical duties feels like a special treat.
I'm all about the simple blessings :)

Here's me and my kiddos before church this morning...

Hope all of you hardworking, amazing mama's out there felt appreciated and blessed today.


Heather Hekman said…
Very nice post, Jessica. It really is neat to see how God is blessing you. And...good job on the self-control of eating the ollie bollen.:)
your kidding me right? that picture you say is so bad of you....is great! i wish i looked that good on a good day!!! you are beautiful!
Teresa DiMillo said…
Such a sweet post. You had a busy weekend yourself. You look amazing in about every picture you take, I'm glad to be seeing more of you these days. I need to make sure I incorporate myself in some pictures too. Out of the 60 some pictures that was taken today, I am in 3. I need to do better!

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