Intentional Moments

Lately I've really been feeling guilty about not being in the moment with my kids.
Instead, I'm keeping an eye on them while I mentally do something else,
or check my e-mail on my phone,
or check Facebook or Twitter,
or try to clean, cook, etc.
There's no doubt that this time of my life with two little ones is very physically draining,
however I don't want to look back and wonder why I wasn't in the moment more often.

Thus, I'm really making it a goal to have intentional moments with my kids every day.
Times where I'm with them, both physically and mentally.
Times where my phone is not in my hand.
Times where I'm enjoying the moment as much as they are.

So, that is my theme this summer...
to be IN the moment,
fully present,
enjoying it to the fullest.
I will be intentional about carving out time to do fun activities and enjoy my family.
In fact I'm working on a summer bucket list right now :)



Kelly said…
Neat post. Where is this park you are at? I could not figure it out!! :)
Kelly said…
p.s. I love the black and white of Ethan's profile. Such a sweet, pensive expression.
Christine said…
I love this post... Something I have really been struggling with lately... Like I need to give up technology for a day or give up my data plan all together. That would be HARD... But it's good to know others out there deal with it
Too. And to know you strive to me IN the moment.
Jessica said…
Kelly, it's East Highland's Ranch :)

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