We took our kids to Legoland for the first time this week.  We were able to go with the Oates and their homeschool group and get tickets for super cheap.

The kids were excited on the way there (well, mostly Ethan, Alayna didn't know what we were doing).  I thought this was too cute.

Alayna with a life sized Bob the Builder lego guy

Legoland was awesome for my kids, it's really meant for little ones.  They loved all the little rides and the fun Lego characters.  It was really a fun day.  We don't often do stuff like this as a family, so it was a special treat.

They have replicas of cities made out of Legos.  Here are Matt and I in front of the Empire State building.... the closest we've ever been ;)

Look, my kids are in New York City!  lol

The little boys got to drive their own little cars.  It took Ethan a bit to understand how to push the pedal and also steer, it was hilarious.  He only ended up doing one lap around the track.  They got little drivers licenses at the end.

Matt and Ethan on a little airplane ride.

Getting ready to go on a boat ride

Ethan loved this ride where he got to "drive a Jeep"

Another little boat ride... this was a Fairytale cruise

After we left the park at 4:30 we went across the street and enjoyed a yummy dinner at the Karl Streuss brewery.  The kids behaved great since they were so tired, lol.  

The kids were BEAT on the way home, but Ethan kept asking if we could go somewhere else really fun.  He didn't want the day to end :)

Thanks for letting us come along Oates!



Kelly said…
What a fun day! We went there for Cam's 3rd b-day and I agree that it is ideal for little ones. My favorite part were those replicas of the different parts of the world. :)
Crystal said…
Oh so fun! I love that you guys have gotten to do fun family things lately (Vegas too).
jo said…
It was a good day! We love Karl strauss-almost went there, but did ruby's instead!

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