(this was supposed to publish last Thursday, but Blogger was updating and I forgot, so really it's not super relevant today, but I thought I'd still post it).

*Highlight of the week thus far: happy hour at Claim Jumper last night with some dear girlfriends.  Four hours of conversation and I left feeling VERY encouraged and uplifted.  Just what I needed this week.

*Lowlight of the week: having Ethan go #2 in his pants in his bedroom at nap time for the 5th time in only a couple of weeks (on purpose... the kid has excellent control over his bodily functions, it's not an accident).  It was not fun to clean up.  I tried giving him a cold shower to clean him up as a punishment... he thought it was funny and laughed the entire time.  Today I made him got #2 BEFORE putting him down for his nap, so hopefully that will eliminate this awful problem.
(update... he hasn't done it since... crossing my fingers)

*I wasn't going to send Ethan to pre-school this fall but have changed my mind.  We won't start him in kindergarten until 2013, so I was going to wait another year, however  I'm currently looking into doing two day preschool for him.  We'll see what we come up with and if it all works out.  I think he needs the extra stimulation and two mornings a week would be perfect.

*For the past several months I love eating a pickle with my lunch (no, I'm not pregnant). After trying several brands my favorite is the Stater's Dill pickles.

*Something I'll never turn down: Frugos (a frozen yogurt place).  They had snickerdoodle the other week which I thought was super yummy.  My favorite combo is usually peanut butter and chocolate.



Christy said…
Ugh stubborn kids! We went through that with RY as well. We like frugos as well, they have a dairy free we can eat. Yum!
Charlee said…
Breven did the same thing going #2 during nap time so I got him a diaper and made him wear it one day and it stopped real fast.

I hope you hear something about school he will love it and you will love the break and the insight that teachers get into him.

And I ment to tell you this when you asked about the school good for you waiting on kindergarten! Its hard for the younger boys when they start school the november kids in Breven's class are so much less mature then the others and it shows that they were not ready. You are giving him a great opportunity to be mature and fully ready to be in school for all that kindergarten has become!

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