We are currently in the process of killing the weeds that have been masquerading as a lawn and will soon be planting a new one.  That means that within the next couple of months scenes like this one will not be so common....

While it is cute, I don't enjoy the cleanup day after day.

I look VERY forward to having a lush, green lawn.
My floors look forward to having less dirt tracked onto them as well.



Mom H said…
I have photos so similar, but they are of E & A's daddy and his brothers!!
Annette said…
Aww, I have pictures like that too of my A, E, I and O---and most include water! You will leave them a little patch of dirt, won't you? It's so necessary for roads and tunnels and lakes and pies and cookies and bunkers.
Some of my fondest college memories are of coming home weekends and building roads and rivers with M and M and D in the dirt. You're never too old!

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