The Beach

I mentioned that my niece has been staying with us for the past week and a half.  One of the first days she was here we packed up and headed to the beach.  Our good friend and very favorite babysitter Danielle came along as well.  Amanda was a super trooper and squeezed between the car seats in our car... it was a long drive and she was quite cramped, but she never complained.

There was NO way I was going to lug my DSLR along with my two kiddos in the sand, but I did happen to have my handy dandy point and shoot along with me :)

This was Alayna's first time ever at the beach and she loved it.  Neither of the kids wanted anything to do with going in the water, which was fine with me since it was a tad too chilly to swim in my opinion. Amanda however braved the waves and jumped right in :)

The beach was warm, but unfortunately the marine layer decided to stay until about 2:00, which is when we were getting ready to leave. 

Alayna grossed me out big time with the sand.  She had it EVERYWHERE.  She rolled in it and played in it to her heart's content.  She even dipped her sandwich in it and ate it.  Seriously, it was insane.  My little ragga-muffin did not disappoint :)

After a couple of hours in the sand, we headed over to the showers and I tried to clean the kids off as best as I could.  The kids and I strolled on the pier and got ice cream and Amanda and Danielle had some lunch (the kids and I had packed food).  Ethan loved walking on the "big bridge that went over the ocean".

Danielle and Amanda

My kiddos on the pier

It was fun...
as fun as the beach can be with a 1 and 3 year old...
there certnatly was not any laying out with a magazine and closing my eyes,
but I do love the beach :)



Charlee said…
Alayna has to be the messiest girl I have seen in a long time and she is adorable! Aubree would fuss and say she is dirty!
Crystal said…
Such cute kids. I know when I was looking at Alayna I was thinking she's the girliest tomboy I know ;). xo

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