Father's Day

We had a nice relaxing Father's Day.  It was pretty low key.  Alayna has a bad cold and I had to teach Sunday school so Matt stayed home with her and I took Ethan to church.  After church we went up to Oak Glen to eat some yummy tri tip at Los Rios with Matt's parents and my niece Amanda (who is down visiting from Sacramento, she's been staying with us for the past week).  The June gloom melted away and we ended up with awesome weather.  We chowed down on our food, enjoyed the weather, and I made everyone pose for a few a lot of photos :)

I really could not imagine a better father for my children :)  

chowing down on some tasty bbq tri tip

Matt with his own Daddy

Matt and Ethan with our nice Amanda

cousins.... Ethan's been telling Amanda she's his best friend this week :)

And last but not least....
yours truly
I really did enjoy Father's Day, and it ended up being a mellow day for me...
I think I got all my funk out the week before,
so that was good :)
I just wanted my hubby to feel loved and to enjoy his special day, and I think he did :)


Kelly said…
What a fun day! And in a way, what a great honor to your dad to have chosen such a great dad to your own kids :)
Mom H said…
It was fun, wasn't it? So glad we could spend the time together, I know Dad enjoyed it too!!
Lesley said…
Jessica I love your pictures, they are always so cute! Where did your neice get her shirt?? I love it :)
Christy said…
Ya we scored on getting awesome dads for our kiddos didnt we! :)
Jessica said…
My niece got her shirt at Khol's, on the clearance rack :)

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