A Fresh Guest bedroom, the yard and a pillowcase dress

When we moved into our house our guest bedroom was first a holding room for items that needed to find a proper home.  It then became a storage room/office for me/guest bedroom.  It was a little dingy and had lots of random odds and ends in it.  I did have it sleep-able, but it wasn't pretty.  This weekend we finally got around to clearing out the junk, painting it, switching out all the electrical outlets and covers, painting the air conditioning register, painting the bed frame and getting it all set up.  This has been on our to do list for quite some time, but we had some extra motivation in the form of a couple of guests staying here in the next few weeks.

I picked up the wrought iron bed frame at a thrift store back in September for $30... woo hoo.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint and it was as good as new.  The walls are a really soft blue.  I think it's very serene in there now.  Now I just get to decide what fun things to hang on the walls :)
The black night stands were a Craig's List find that we re-finished (I think I posted pictures of those before).  I get so excited when we score cool things for cheap and then make them pretty!  That chair underneath was also a fixer upper :)  The fabric was even from a yard sale.  The lamps are from Home Goods and they were more than the bed frame :)  The bedding and curtains are from Wal Mart.

After the endless hard work we've been doing in our yard it was so fun to be able to start AND complete a project in the same day :)  Speaking of the yard, we got the seed planted in part of our bckyard... yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan enjoyed helping Matt get the ground prepped for the seed

This may not look like much... but it is dirt that has grass seed in it and compost over the top.  The seed takes 10 days to germinate... I can't wait to see little tufts of grass begin to poke through :)

You can see my garden next to the gazebo, and also lots more weeds and junk :)

This next weekend we'll be taking down that white lattice from the gazebo, cleaning up all of our junk back there and then we'll start getting that side of the backyard prepped for seed.  The work is endless!!!!!  :)

This week I sewed my first pillowcase dress.  I am not a pattern sewer, nor am I patient.  I was proud of myself for even managing this.  I used some material I picked up for about $1.00 at a thrift store.  If you look closely at the dress, it's totally hacked together in true Jess fashion ;)  The next one I make will be much better.



Charlee said…
Love the bedding!

I saw Alayna and her dress looked adorable on her I can't see anything wrong.
Kelly said…
I love that dress!! I think the ribbons add so much.
Shannon said…
Great bedroom makeover! Cute pictures of your little man working hard. I bet you can't wait for that grass to grow :)
Heather Hekman said…
I can really appreciate the bare looking dirt. Excited for you to see the grass poke through. Evidence of MUCH hard work. Cute dress, too. Good job, Jess (and Matt).
Christy said…
Your yard is really coming along. How fun! I dream of the day we ever get to our back yard. Ha!
Colleen said…
The bedroom looks wonderful.

And your girl's sweet dress is awesome. I just bought some fabric to make one for my girl. But I am not a sewer, so I am little intimidated. Your dress inspires me.

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