Miss A

Miss Alayna is 20 months old (almost 21 months).
She's growing like a weed.
I take tons of pictures of her because goodness they change so fast when they're little.
Here are a few from the other week....

I love it when she tells me she wants to color, she says "cu-wees"

She loves to talk to Grammy on the phone. 
My mom calls every morning on her way to work so both the kids talk to her daily. 
It's pretty cute.

Still a little binky feign... and because she's trying to cut her eye teeth right now she wants one more often than usual.

 Did you know she can do yoga?
Look at her downward dog, not too shabby ;)



Charlee said…
Love it! The "downward dog" position she is making in portugese tradition says she is looking for the next baby! I used to stop my kids all the time!
The Writer said…
She is a cutie. I see such a mixture of the two of you - so fun. I agree they change every minute of the day!
Anonymous said…
She is sooooo darn cute. She's my little 'cutie pie'. Adorable pictures! Grammy

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