A visit from a dear friend

This past week I was blessed to have my dear friend Crystal stay with us for two nights.  She was out here for a wedding (she lives in Texas).  I have been friends with Crystal since high school.  Unfortunately the wild wild west called her and she moved away when we started college, but at least she remains close to my heart :)

I got to meet her sweet little 4 month old Gideon who was just an angel baby.  Seriously, I don't think I even heard him make one little fuss the entire time he was here.  What a doll.

Want to see a picture of us from high school?
it's from Halloween and it makes me chuckle...
It's totally scanned from one of my old scrapbooks.

I was so blessed to be able to spend a little bit of time with her.

Oh, and.... guess what's popping up in our backyard....

Woo hoo!!!



Eileen said…
How great to have Crystal for two whole days!!! And I LOVELOVELOVE all your images of your beautiful family... so precious! I still think your daughter looks like your brother! And... you are such a gifted photographer! Your blog is gorgeous. I haven't been on anybody's blog for awhile, so I have to get all the comments in on this one!!! Love ya, Eileen
Crystal said…
I need a copy of these pictures! I loved having some "quality" time this visit. You are always so fun to be around. Pray that our future holds a move back to Cali ;). xoxo
Jolene Grace said…
That picture of Crystal and Gideon is PRECIOUS! Thank you for sharing part of your visit with her with me as well. Precious friendships are so rare, and we are just so blessed.
Rhonda said…
I too love the picture of Crystal and Gideon AND the one of the 3 of you.

And Crystal, I'll be praying for your future to hold a move back to CA for you :)

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