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The dirt monster strikes again...

My mother in law said it best,  she's a girly girl and a tom boy all wrapped up in a cute little package :-)  My little dirt magnet was wearing a very pretty dress not too long before she looked like this. -posted from my phone

Life lately

I realize everything I've blogged lately has been an event or outing of some sort.  I haven't touched much on anything else because to be honest I've been in a bit of a funk since June.  I'm working on it... and working through it, and in the mean time just trying to make the best of things and blog about the fun we've had.

We've been staying pretty busy with random things.
In the evenings my kiddos LOVE to play in the yard, and I love to be out there as well.
I would love it even more if our grass was coming in a little more even, but I'll touch on that later :)  For now I'm just glad we can play outside, and we do have most of a lawn!
The kids love to push their dump trucks all around the yard, fill them up with weeds and rocks and whatever else tickles their fancy and then dump the debris somewhere else.

When you're tired of pushing your dump truck around it can also double as a seat :)
Notice how dirty Alayna's face is.
I'm not kidding …

The Magic Castle

Last weekend we whisked away to Hollywood for the night with Danny and Jolene to celebrate both Matt and mine's 9th anniversary and Jolene's birthday.  Jolene's Dad has a friend who is a magician and he got us into the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  We booked a suite at the hotel next door (The Magic castle Hotel), and stayed the night out there.  We arrived on Friday around 3:30 and relaxed and enjoyed hanging out in our hotel room before walking next door to the Magic Castle. 

The Magic Castle is really cool.  It was built in 1906 as a private residence and modeled after Kimberly Crest in Redlands.  In the 60s it was sold and became the Magic Castle.  This place is super unique.  You can only get in if you somehow know a magician who is a member... or know someone who knows one :)  They have an amazing resatuarant, tons of little bars, and lots of rooms/small theaters where you watch different people performing magic.

We were fortunate to receive a tour from Jolene's fr…

Red White and Blue

I love the 4th of July.
I love all the red, white and blue,
the flags,
the get togethers,
and most importantly the celebration of our country,
and the fact that we have freedom.

After a VERY busy couple of weeks and entertaining both Saturday and Sunday Matt and I were quite content to have a low key 4th of July.  We packed up a lunch and spent the morning swimming and splashing in Matt's parent's pool.  Our family LOVES to swim, so we are blessed to be able to use their pool whenever we want, and they only live 5 minutes from us :)  We had fun splashing around all morning.

Did you know I used to be on swim team?
I was decent at freestyle and butterfly... and back stroke once in a while.
I even endured one season of waterpolo... and I stunk at it :)
Water-polo is not for wimps... oh my is that sport hard.

This little miss can never stay warm while swimming so she usually ends up on the side of the pool laying in the sun :)

Whenever we go swimming …

Credential Program Friends

Since my teacher friends from the credential program are out of school for the summer we were finally able to get together for a little play date.  We joke that it's our annual event because it only ends up happening about once a year  :)  I had so much fun with these girls learning how to be teachers at UCR.  It's fun to see them become wives and mom's and still be able to get together.

Despite having moved into her house only three weeks ago, Tawny graciously hosted and let our kids tear her house apart :)  She had a little pool set up and my kids had a blast playing in her yard.  Ethan was glued to the little toy quad almost the entire time.

So funny thing... this is the very same house Matt and three other guys rented in college :)  It's near UCR.  A few months ago Tawny and Joe started describing the house and we realized it was the very same one.... so crazy.  It was kind of nostalgic to come back here :)  I hadn't been to this house since Matt and I were dat…