After attending a "Crafternoon" last summer hosted by this lovely and very crafty lady, my friend Krista and I have talked about hosting one ourselves.  We were finally able to find a weekend that would work and we had a blast hosting.

We had about 12 ladies attend (including ourselves), lots of glue guns, 2 sewing machines whirring away, 5 crafts and some yummy food.  Everything went well, and it ended up being low key and relaxing... perfect.

This large cake plate was one of the crafts... this was my example :)

Burlap wrapped wreaths with pinwheels:

Cake plates:

 Flower fabric bookmarks:

Summer bunting banners:

Silk flower headbands:

All in all, a success!

We're thinking we'll be doing this again, possibly with some Christmas crafts in the fall :)



Kelly said…
I had a WONDERFUL time. I loved how casual the whole atmosphere was. I wasn't sure how many girls I would know, but it didn't matter because it was easy to chat as you moved about the stations. :) Thanks so much for all your hard work!
Christine said…
OMG! How fabulous! I always wanted to attend one of those instead of being the one throwing it. It looks like you had sooo much fun! I love the bunting and the pinwheels!!!
Kelly said…
p.s. Jessica, you were right....those oatmeal squares were right up my alley! :)
Jolene Grace said…
I LOVED it all, and LOVE the idea of a Christmas crafternoon! Thanks so much for having me!
Leslie said…
love this.. the burlap + pinwheels.. CUTE!!

So wishing I could have came.. and thanks for the sweet comment.. I blushed.. but noone noticed... its too hot!! :)


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