Credential Program Friends

Since my teacher friends from the credential program are out of school for the summer we were finally able to get together for a little play date.  We joke that it's our annual event because it only ends up happening about once a year  :)  I had so much fun with these girls learning how to be teachers at UCR.  It's fun to see them become wives and mom's and still be able to get together.

Despite having moved into her house only three weeks ago, Tawny graciously hosted and let our kids tear her house apart :)  She had a little pool set up and my kids had a blast playing in her yard.  Ethan was glued to the little toy quad almost the entire time.

So funny thing... this is the very same house Matt and three other guys rented in college :)  It's near UCR.  A few months ago Tawny and Joe started describing the house and we realized it was the very same one.... so crazy.  It was kind of nostalgic to come back here :)  I hadn't been to this house since Matt and I were dating way back in like um... 2000 or 2001!

Me, Tawny, Amy and Noreen

Tawny's son Travis and Alayna splashing in the pool (they are six months apart)

Tawny's oldest daughter Sammy and Amy's daughter Taylor

Ethan hogged this toy the whole time... he thought it was amazing


Noreen and her newest addition... 6 month old Jake

Despite our children running wild around us we still manged to get in some conversation :)  Thanks for hosting Tawny!



Noreen said…
It was so good to see you! I'm glad Alayna's head is okay! Oh and Jake just turned 5 months old. I know, he's a big boy!
Crystal said…
Ok blogging marathon! Love all of the photos, you are so good about that.

And you finished your table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did such a great job! So perfect for that space. Wish I could've been part of your workmen trio (well I guess that would've made it a quad-something;).

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