Life lately

I realize everything I've blogged lately has been an event or outing of some sort.  I haven't touched much on anything else because to be honest I've been in a bit of a funk since June.  I'm working on it... and working through it, and in the mean time just trying to make the best of things and blog about the fun we've had.

We've been staying pretty busy with random things.
In the evenings my kiddos LOVE to play in the yard, and I love to be out there as well.
I would love it even more if our grass was coming in a little more even, but I'll touch on that later :)  For now I'm just glad we can play outside, and we do have most of a lawn!
The kids love to push their dump trucks all around the yard, fill them up with weeds and rocks and whatever else tickles their fancy and then dump the debris somewhere else.

When you're tired of pushing your dump truck around it can also double as a seat :)
Notice how dirty Alayna's face is.
I'm not kidding when I say Ethan doesn't get as dirty in three days as she does in just one.
The girl is seriously a dirt magnet.

Such a boy....
a saw in one hand, scooping dirt into his dump truck with the other...
all while managing to stay much cleaner than his sister :)

Alayna and I had colds this week, so we didn't go to the gym.
On one hand it was nice to have a break,
on the other hand I missed working out.
Despite being incredibly snotty, the nastiness didn't keep Alayna from enjoying herself this week :)

I couldn't help it, I airburushed the snot and dirt off her face in this picture....
I think sometimes it would be nice to have at least a few pictures of her pretty face without dirt all over it!!

I might have airbrushed this one too....
her face looks so nice without dirt and snot :)
Okay, here's a more accurate one of her...
sitting in her dump truck,
with her dirty, snotty face...
and getting ready to put something nasty into her mouth....

That girl of mine!

My kids love popsicles when it's hot out :)

I love this picture of Ethan...
it's so rare that I get him to look at me while he's smiling.
It usually only happens if I can make him laugh.

 Do you ever take your kids to do something fun and it ends in total disaster?
This morning Alayna decided to be a PILL at Ross and screamed most of the time we were there (she's been doing that a lot lately, it's super fun).

Then, you see this mischeveous expression...

... it means trouble.
Nothing but trouble.
Ethan decided to be a terror today while we went and visited my mom at work for lunch. 
The visit ended with me throwing him in the car and disciplining him and him screaming the entire 30 minute ride home.  It was super fun.  Sometimes I wonder why I even try to do things with them?  lol.

Yesterday we headed out to Indio and met up with Faith and her kids.  They've been staying at their time share all week and so we joined them for a few hours of swimming.  My kids had a blast in the huge shallow kiddie pool and the fountains.  I told Ethan we were going on "vacation for the day", because he's been asking us to go on vacation lately :)

On the menu tonight: Rosemary, chicken potato pizza... a current favorite (I'm making it from scratch).

On the agenda for this weekend: I'm second shooting a wedding in Orange County tomorrow which will be a LONG, but hopefully good day :)  On Sunday we'll probably swim in the late afternoon after church and naps.

Happy Friday!
Hope you have a great weekend!



Kelly said…
I love it when my kids get in a zone outside and are content tootleing around. Probably a nice break for you to just sit and not have to be "on". :) That time share pool area looks awesome!! Sorry your funk continues. I hope it is getting better, even if slowly.
Christy said…
Oh man.....I was laughing at this post. I took Ryanne to paint today at Color Me Mine and about 10 minutes into it I was asking myself why????

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