A little Youthgroup Reunion

When I was a teenager youthgroup was VERY important to me. It's where I made my closest and dearest friends, grew closer to God, and made a lot of fun and lasting memories.  Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook a few of the close friends I had as a teenager are still in my life, if only through status updates, comments and blogs.

This past weekend some of us got together IN PERSON for a fun little BBQ at our house and some catching up.  It was fun to hear about everyone's lives and visit.  Matt smoked some fabulous meat.  He was a trooper because he had to get up at 6:00 on that Saturday morning to get the smoker going in order for us to have our meat by dinner time.  He did a whole turkey and a pork shoulder.  It was divine and well worth his effort. 

Here is a little blast from the past from about 14 years ago when we were all in youthgroup....

A Halloween party

This was my 16th birthday party... I had a swing dancing party and we all dressed up
Oh my goodness.... we all look so young :)

I know you've seen my friend Jolene all over this blog, and she is one of the first friends I made in youthgroup.  We see each other weekly and remain like sisters.  I still see Janette too, and she only lives a few minutes from me.  I love getting to photograph her sweet little Lily every three months.  As for Kenny and Christy and Pete, we all hadn't seen  each other since our last little reunion, which took place three years ago.  We all agreed that we need to get together at least once a year as once every three years just is not enough :)


My bro and Alayna... who was glued to him the entire night


Jolene and Jon


John and Lily

sweet little Lily... how could I not snap a couple of pictures of her???

The master smoker... lol

Kenny and Christy

Matt showing our yard.  The grass is growing... but is full of weeds and has some spots that aren't coming in :(  Poo.  This stupid lawn has been a nightmare!!!!
My kids and the Flores boys ran around outside like nuts despite the 100 degree an humid temps.  They had a blast together like always.

I really didn't have my camera out... and I didn't want to bother people to pose for me, so that was about all I got :)  Hopefully we'll be getting together again in the near future!


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