Lunch in Oak Glen

Last week while Matt's sister Annette and three of her kids were in town we headed up to have lunch at Los Rios Ranchos to celebrate her birthday as well as Clayton's 5th birthday.  They are birthday buddies.  Being that it was a weekday Matt and Sid were at work.  Mike was able to come along because it was his day to work from home.

The weather was really perfect up there.  I love that it's only a 10 minute drive from my house.  Being that it was a weekday and not apple season we were practically the only people up there.  We chowed down on some BBQ tri tip and enjoyed the beauty :)

We kicked a ball around for a while

Auntie "Nette" playing with Alayna

Amanda and Alayna

Ethan had gotten in trouble from me here so he ran crying to Amanda, lol

Me and my beautiful neice

Marlene and her eldest child :)

Trying to get a picture with my kids is a joke

Clayton and Ethan actually looking at the camera!  I love this picture.  These cousins are 16 months apart.

Clayton on his 5th birthday

All of the Hekman cousins minus the oldest, Emily, who was back home in Sacramento due to school

The three children of Matt's brother Mike

Amanda and Alayna

Mike and Heather and their kiddos

My niece Olivia chasing after Alayna

Ian playing with Ethan

Sorry for the MAJOR picture overload lately :)
I've taken a ton of them and just have to post them on my blog since it doubles as my scrapbook :)


Christy said…
Love all the family photos. So sweet to see all the kiddos together.
Crystal said…
And yes, Amanda is so beautiful. You can tell in her countenance that she's super sweet too.

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