Re-finished Kitchen Table

When we found out we were getting this house I immediately started scouring Craig's List and yard sales for a couple of items of specific furniture to fit the different spaces.  One of these was a small, round table for the kitchen that I could re-finish.  We already had a large dining room table and it fit perfectly in the new dining room, but we lacked a little kitchen table.  I found what I wanted an purchased it (a round table with a leaf that made it an oval), and four chairs.  Unfortunately the chairs were un-sturdy.  I decided I still wanted the table and resumed my search for 4 chairs.  I happened upon four chairs that were what I wanted, they were just crazy dirty.

We managed to sand and prime the table before moving into this house, and it has sat in the garage along with the 4 chairs since October.  Since my neice Amanda was in town staying with us for a couple of weeks we put her to work and she helped us finish the table and chairs.  She spent about 3 hours cleaning and scrubbing the nastiness off the chairs, and then several more hours sanding them down.
The table last August before we did anything to it

sanding and priming it at our old house

Matt used his air compressor and paint attachments to paint the table and chairs white, and then Amanda and I glazed it.  The glazing took several hours and was way more work than I had anticipated because of all the slats and crevices in the chairs. We also re-covered the chairs.  I chose a blue vinyl that matches the blue I have in my dining room.  I figured my kids would just trash fabric, so I stuck with something that could be wiped down :)
Matt priming and painting the chairs with his air compressor

Amanda and I recovering the chairs

After everything was painted and glazed Matt put SEVEN coats of polycrilic on the top of the table and chairs to protect it from our little mess makers.

This project took WAY more time than I had originally thought. I kinda felt like this while I was working on it....

I'm really about thinking things will be easy to do in my mind, and then in reality they turn out to be MUCH more complicated :)  It was definitely a joint effort between me, Matt and Amanda.  I really LOVE the result, and it is exactly what i had in mind :)  This project ended up costing about $115.00 total... for the table, chairs, paint, glaze, and polycrilic. 

I love having a kitchen table and not having to hike over to the dining room or sit at the bar every time we want to eat :)

I can't leave out these pictures of Alayna chowing on a yogurt while we were working.  When the going got tough she switched from a spoon to her hands :)

She never fails to gross you out does she?  hehe.



loi v said…
jess! so crazy!!! i just bought a table exactly like yours to re-finish!!! that looks amazing! i'm not going to attempt the chairs though...purchasing upholstered chairs.
jo said…
we have an old table just like that one that we bought when we got married! its been sitting in the garage for years, but now.....i'm thinking of doing something awesome like you! thanks for the inspiration! oh and our chairs that came with it fell apart as well. ;-)
You s stole my tabile and chir

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