Red White and Blue

I love the 4th of July.
I love all the red, white and blue,
the flags,
the get togethers,
and most importantly the celebration of our country,
and the fact that we have freedom.

After a VERY busy couple of weeks and entertaining both Saturday and Sunday Matt and I were quite content to have a low key 4th of July.  We packed up a lunch and spent the morning swimming and splashing in Matt's parent's pool.  Our family LOVES to swim, so we are blessed to be able to use their pool whenever we want, and they only live 5 minutes from us :)  We had fun splashing around all morning.

Did you know I used to be on swim team?
I was decent at freestyle and butterfly... and back stroke once in a while.
I even endured one season of waterpolo... and I stunk at it :)
Water-polo is not for wimps... oh my is that sport hard.

um.... my face cracks me up here

His face however makes me smile :)

This little miss can never stay warm while swimming so she usually ends up on the side of the pool laying in the sun :)

Whenever we go swimming Cookie has to come along with us,
the dog just loves water.
She swims non stop and tires herself out fetching a toy.

 Alayna saying goodbye to Papa and getting her candy heart :)

After our kids were good and tired we came home, napped, hung out some more, then headed to my mom's for dinner.  I had to try to snap a few pictures of us in our patriotic colors :)

I'm lookin' kinda bedraggled because we hadn't planned on going anywhere after swimming...

Me and my mama

My bro and his "brother" Stefan.  My mom used to babysit Stefan and so he was like a brother to us growing up.

Check out the tatoo my brother recently got...
It's a portrait of my dad when he was like 26.
It turned out really good, it looks exactly like the picture.
It took him six hours to get this done.... ouch.

After stuffing ourselves with yummy food we bathed the kids and headed back to Yucaipa to park our car near the high school and watch the fireworks.  This was the first year we've ever let our kids stay up long enough to watch them and it did not disappoint.  Seeing the awe and wonder in their faces as they watched fireworks for the very first time in their lives was just priceless.  It was work the the two hour too late bedtime :)  Ethan keeps asking if we can watch them again, and is dissapointed every time I tell him we have to wait a whole year to see them again ;)

 Hope you all had a happy 4th!
This post was quite late since it's already the 13th :)



Teresa DiMillo said…
LOVE the pic where you are throwing Ethan, he looks delighted.
Charlee said…
Great pics(as always) you and Breven have something in common you both like butterfly and freestyle but not big fans of backstroke!
Kelly said…
Yes, you are so lucky to have a pool you can use anytime! You convinced me, I think next year we'll at least keep Cam up for the fireworks. Glad they enjoyed it so much!
Crystal Keilers said…
First of all, you never look "bedraggled". Bedraggled, such a word. And second of all, that was not a low-key guys saw both sets of parents and did fireworks (that's more than most do on Christmas day). And it all looked so fun. xx
Christy said…
Ha we were sitting over there watching the fireworks as well. So fun!
A. I agree with Crystal
B. Love the shot of the exploding firework
C. You look fantastic! i can't believe you've had two kids! Your hard work at the gym is really showing!

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