Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks Ethan has been going to swimming lessons every day with a lady from our church (who is actually the same lady who taught Matt how to swim years ago).  This was his first time doing lessons besides the "mommy and me" class we did two summers ago.  The kid LOVES to swim and I am eager to be able to do so on his own (without floaties).

The first day he SCREAMED and cried the entire time.  I actually had to go out of the backyard because me being there made things worse.  He refused to do anything.  I was totally surprised and thought perhaps swim lessons would not be a good thing after all.  However, from the second day on he did great and loved them.  He has a hard time with anything new and unfamiliar, so I think that was his problem the first day.

He learned how to swim underwater, float on his back, go to the bottom of the pool for rings and do a little dive.  He still prefers to swim with his "muscles" on but we've been making him spend at least thirty minutes floaty free when we swim at his parent's house.  While I was happy to have him in swim lessons it feels sooooo nice not to have to drive to Redlands at 2:45 every afternoon :)  It makes me appreciate the fact that I'm not shutting kids back and forth to school yet.

Practicing how to scoop his arms

Doing his backfloat

Using the kick board

Putting his face under

His very favorite thing.... jumping off the side!



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