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A few recent randoms

Nothing too exciting going on over here... we're just trying to stay cool like everyone else.  I have a few totally random pictures to share from the past couple of weeks.  We've been up to the usual stuff....

Like playing outside (except for the past couple of days since it's been miserably hot)

 Pushing dump trucks
 Giving each other rides. Do you need a ride? This looks like a cool way to go...
Making fresh salsa with ingredients from the garden, so yummy. Although I have to admit I'm over my garden... mostly I'm over watering it every day since we never did hook up irrigation. Plus, it's just not producing all that great.
Gotta love this bed head, he had just woken up from his nap :)
 Snuggling inside when it's too hot to play outside...

Packing up a picnic and going to our favorite park in Oak Glen,  where it's just a little cooler and shady. (these were taken with my point and shoot)
 My kids love the tire swing at this park.

Hope you're stayin' cool thi…

Sweet moments, even if they are breif...

One of the things about having littles at home is the range of happy/sad/angry/joyful emotions and activities that can happen in a very short time frame. 
The other day the kids and I were out back having a picnic..
happily laying on our blanket in the shade,
me snapping some pictures and enjoying the beauty of the day.

I love these next three pictures...
I took them while we were laying on our backs, with my arms stretched up over us.

So back to my original thought about things going from great to crazy in about two seconds...
The kids and I were having a nice time, and about 15 minutes into our lovely time Ethan decided to go into the house and lock all of the doors, thus locking me out.  He knows this is a big no-no. This made for one angry mama, pounding on the doors for him to open them.  He was hiding of course and it took a few minutes for him to come unlock the doors.  I was pretty upset at the time, but it was funny in retrospect :)  It was near nap time, so I promptly put hi…

A valve box and Date Night

Yesterday Matt and his handy assistant were outside cleaning out an area beneath 3 huge redwoods in our backyard. 

While working Matt found something that made us VERy happy....

That doesn't look exciting does it?
It's a valve box.
We have 15 valves on our property and we had found 14 of them.
This sucker is the one valve box we've been searching for since we moved here, nearly a year ago!
It's the only valve box that was broken and had sprinklers that did not work.
Matt was able to fix it yesterday and get the sprinklers working.
You have no idea how much we've searched for this illusive valve box so that we could get the sprinklers working.  They are the sprinklers that control the back bed that is probably the most looked at area of our back yard.  I'm SO excited that since we now have working sprinklers we will be able to get that area planted with some pretty stuff :)

Okay, now that I've probably put you to sleep with my sprinkler talk, onto somethin…

My new camera and dinner with the Flores'

My new camera arrived in the mail yesterday (a Canon 7D).  I've had my eyes on this beauty for months and months and kept hoping it would drop in price, but unfortunately due to the tsunami in Japan, it has stayed solid for quite a while.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered it up last week so that I can get proficient with it before my first wedding next month. I'm keeping my old camera to use as a backup and to use at weddings and some normal shoots (so that I don't have to constantly switch between lenses).

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited.  It's a great piece of equipment.  I could list all sorts of things that I'm excited about, but that's probably more than you all care to know about ;)  It arrived shortly before we left to go to Danny and Jolene's for dinner, so of course I took it along to test it out :)  I need to read the manual and learn more, but so far I love it!

We hadn't seen the Flores' in a few weeks.  It was great to spend the eveni…

My thoughts today... a rambly sort of post

Last night I was laying in bed reading Parenting magazine.  There was an article about school and all of the sudden it hit me that this will be the last year at home with two kids who are not yet in school.
Ethan won't start kindergarten for two more years, but most likely he'll go to pre-school next year.
This is our last year with no school schedules determining the path of our day.
My last year to just "be" with my two kiddos.
The kids are at the perfect ages to do fun things, as they both nap at the same time and are both a little older,
yet still young enough that a trip to the pet store is fun.
With the realization that this is our last carefree year I was struck by a strong desire to just soak in every moment.
I want to enjoy every cute little thing they do and say...
embrace the sweet moments that are a part of every single day.


This morning I got up and got dressed into my gym clothes thinking I'd go to the gym.
I have great intentions of having …

Ripon and Sacramento

Last week Matt's sweet Grandmother went home to be with the Lord.  She was 93 and lived a great life.  She was quite the woman.  She was also Matt's last living grandparent.

We packed up and headed up to Ripon for her funeral this past week.  We had a very nice trip up there.  I cannot convey just how thankful I am for our car DVD player, it was a lifesaver!
We left our house at 8:00 am and arrived in Ripon at about 3:30.  Of course neither of my children napped in the car, that's just not how they roll (especially Alayna). We rolled into town with two tired children and went straight to the funeral home for the viewing.

I stayed outside with the kids....
they were overtired and not about to be quiet,
and I have a hard time with viewings ever since my dad passed away.
Thankfully we found some shade to hang out and the kids got some of their pent out energy out from the long drive.  Ethan loves any opportunity to play with his cousins.

 Grandpa and Daddy trying to keep a tir…