A few randoms

*I had the privilege of second shooting a totally gorgeous wedding with my talented friends at Stark Love Photgraphy  (you can see my post here on my photography blog).  It was so much fun and I fell madly in love with wedding photography.  Of course it was also fun because of how awesome all aspects of the wedding were... it made photographing it pretty easy :)   Ever since then I've had all things wedding on my brain.  I'm super excited for the two weddings that I have booked this fall (and the first is only a month away).  I had so much fun getting to work with two other photographers that day as well.  I had a blast talking all things photography and collaborating together all day :)

*I'm sad that my baby will already be TWO next month.  Seriously... where did this past year go???  She is so cute right now... I want to freeze time :)  Talking up a storm, showing her little personality, cuddling us to our hearts desire... it's so such a sweet.

Here she is with her dog pack (the dogs from Clifford)

*My tomatoes are FINALLY ripening.  I have 9 different plants :)  One of my favorites is a yellow heirloom, it's quite tasty. I feel like it took longer than normal for them to start ripening.  On tonight's menu is a tomato salad with cantaloupe, basil from the garden, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic... a very tasty and fresh combo :) Another favorite way to use my tomatoes is tomato-basil pizza.  That will probably be making an appearance around here at least once a week.... I just don't tire of it.

*My adult beverage of choice this summer: the mint julep.  A delicious blend (in this order) of: muddled mint, crushed ice, bourbon, simple syrup and a mint garnish.  It's quite tasty and just says "summer" to me :)  Isn't it pretty???

 I actually got a decent picture with my self timer!

And look, a picture taken with Matt's arm...
we don't have any of those ;)

*The other Sunday while it was hot and humid and miserable outside we tried to play a couple of games with the kids.  I thought they were cute sitting next to each other playing Memory.

I think Alayna kinda looks like a Vegas dealer here...
oh oh ;)



krista said…
Okay, Alayna looks SO grown up all of the sudden! What?! Her hair is too cute!
I'm excited that you are photo-ing more weddings! Lucky bride & groom :)
Mom H said…
thanks, Jess for posting these photos, it's just what I needed today to lift my spirits and make me smile!! Love you all.
pammyh said…
Haha, better a dealer than a cocktail server!

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