A few recent randoms

Nothing too exciting going on over here... we're just trying to stay cool like everyone else.  I have a few totally random pictures to share from the past couple of weeks.  We've been up to the usual stuff....

Like playing outside (except for the past couple of days since it's been miserably hot)

 Pushing dump trucks

 Giving each other rides.
Do you need a ride?
This looks like a cool way to go...

Making fresh salsa with ingredients from the garden,
so yummy.
Although I have to admit I'm over my garden...
mostly I'm over watering it every day since we never did hook up irrigation.
Plus, it's just not producing all that great.

Gotta love this bed head,
he had just woken up from his nap :)

 Snuggling inside when it's too hot to play outside...

Packing up a picnic and going to our favorite park in Oak Glen, 
where it's just a little cooler and shady.
(these were taken with my point and shoot)

 My kids love the tire swing at this park.

Hope you're stayin' cool this weekend, whatever it is you're doing :)



Christy said…
It's HOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! We love that park too! :)
Crystal Keilers said…
Oh you guys don't know miserably hot. Yeah try 108. Mmm hmm. ;)

Oh and I re-commented on my blog (but does anyone ever go back and check for that? anyway) that my chairs were a hand me down and my table was Craigs List score (of course;). You would love Dallas Craigs List. And I would love Yucaipa thirft stores. Sad we can't combine the two.
Christine said…
In to see
Your pics!
Beautiful fam!!

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