Grass, a bee sting and my kids

I've hesitated posting pictures of our back lawn because it isn't finished yet, and I like to be able to post pictures of the completed project.  However, we are getting closer to being finished.

Here is a picture of part of the backyard when we closed escrow (almost a year ago).

 And... here it is last week.
We've only done the lawn up to the gazebo.
Matt is working on getting all the sprinklers fixed in the other part of the yard and then we'll plant the lawn back there as well.

 The other side of the yard.
It needs to be fertilized.

There are several spots like this one that need to be re-seeded.  

We ran out of seed and need to buy another big bag.
We are currently killing the weeds in the front yard so that we can get started out there.
This has been quite the project I tell you.
We plod along slowly... one Saturday here and there at a time :)

I look very forward to being finished with this lawn of ours hopefully in the fall and actually being able to plant some pretty plants in my planters.


The other evening we were hanging out in our backyard and Ethan started crying that "something was hurting his leg really bad".  It ended up being his first bee sting.  After some cuddles and a popsicle and recovered relatively fast, and I was happy to find out that he was not allergic.

Ugh... I haven't blow dried my hair in like two weeks... I've been lazy.
Time to get out of pony tail mode... so not cute!

I love this picture of my kids hugging.
Lately Alayna will tell Ethan "I lub you too Ethan" and he will tell her "I love you Alayna".
It pretty much melts my heart.
I pray they are always close to one another.

And just a couple more cute ones from playing outside...

I love these next two pictures of Ethan.
Again, look at that seemingly sweet, innocent face...
if only that were the case ;)

Matt's Grandma (his mom's mom) went home to be with the Lord last week.  She was 93 and lived a good life.  We're headed up to the motherland tomorrow (Ripon) to celebrate her life and see family. We'll also stay a night in Sacramento visiting Matt's sister and family.   Hopefully the kids do well on the drive and while staying with some very gracious people we have yet to meet, who offered to host us, and it ends up being joyful in the midst of some sadness.



Crystal Keilers said…
Ok Matt wins the award for husband of the year...again.

I am SO impressed by your lawn. It looks amazing. I remember how hard your daddy worked on their lawn (digging rocks out for months before he could even plant anything)...he would be so proud of you two. Xx
Christy said…
Oh that face....thats OK innocence is over rated. :)

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