Indoor Fun

We spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer.  My kids love running around and getting filthy, swimming, and playing in the dirt. I love being out with them as well... I've always loved the outdoors.  I'm glad my children do as well :) Anyhow, when we are inside here are a couple of the things we do....

Read with Daddy.

Color with chalk on the easel.
(with supervision... my children cannot be trusted with ANY sort of marking utensil)

 I love this picture of Alayna...
I think it captures her sweet little innocence.
I'm going to save it and pull it out to remind myself of her sweet little baby face when she's 14 and I'm pulling my hair out ;)
drumroll please...
a picture of me interacting with the kids,
thanks to my table and camera timer.



Heather said…
We've had a lazy day inside too!

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