My new camera and dinner with the Flores'

My new camera arrived in the mail yesterday (a Canon 7D).  I've had my eyes on this beauty for months and months and kept hoping it would drop in price, but unfortunately due to the tsunami in Japan, it has stayed solid for quite a while.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered it up last week so that I can get proficient with it before my first wedding next month. I'm keeping my old camera to use as a backup and to use at weddings and some normal shoots (so that I don't have to constantly switch between lenses).

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited.  It's a great piece of equipment.  I could list all sorts of things that I'm excited about, but that's probably more than you all care to know about ;)  It arrived shortly before we left to go to Danny and Jolene's for dinner, so of course I took it along to test it out :)  I need to read the manual and learn more, but so far I love it!

We hadn't seen the Flores' in a few weeks.  It was great to spend the evening with them.  My only complaint is that time spent with them FLIES by.  It seems like I just get there and then before I know it I have to get my kiddos home to bed.  :)

Jon and Alayna getting into mischief

Hi Jonny!  (Matt took this... he was playing with my camera as well)

yummy ice cream

awww.... so sweet

Ethan managed to stub his toe and rip off part of his toenail, but thankfully Jolene was able to fix him up :)  It's amazing how many band aids you go through with kids :)

Oh, hey there....
I was holding my boy here...
he was still recovering from his deadly toe-stub

If there are necklaces to be found, my girl will find them.
Oh, and dirt as well.
That's a funny combo... dirt and necklaces.

 I love this picture of Alayna....

 Jolene never dissapoints with her yummy meals!  This dessert was quite delicious and made me want to go on vacation to Hawaii.  The whole meal had tropical undertones :)

I was testing out the ISO here.  My 30D only goes up to 1600, and it's pretty poor quality.  This bad boy goes up to 6400.  Of course it's quite grainy at 6400, but WAY better than my other camera.  It was pretty dark out when I took this shot, I had the ISO at 3600.  For anyone who's curious shutter speed was at 125 and F-stop was at 1.8.

Be prepared to see about a bazillion pictures in the next few weeks as I practice, practice, practice :)


Christy said…
OK you can practice on us.:) Oh and the necklaces kinda take your eye from the dirt....she knows what shes doing. :)

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