My thoughts today... a rambly sort of post

Last night I was laying in bed reading Parenting magazine.  There was an article about school and all of the sudden it hit me that this will be the last year at home with two kids who are not yet in school.
Ethan won't start kindergarten for two more years, but most likely he'll go to pre-school next year.
This is our last year with no school schedules determining the path of our day.
My last year to just "be" with my two kiddos.
The kids are at the perfect ages to do fun things, as they both nap at the same time and are both a little older,
yet still young enough that a trip to the pet store is fun.
With the realization that this is our last carefree year I was struck by a strong desire to just soak in every moment.
I want to enjoy every cute little thing they do and say...
embrace the sweet moments that are a part of every single day.


This morning I got up and got dressed into my gym clothes thinking I'd go to the gym.
I have great intentions of having time in the Word in the mornings, but unless I get up before Ethan (which never happens because I go to bed too late), "quiet time" is non-existent.  It's usually noise filled time with me sitting at the table trying to do my Bible study and then giving up half way through.  I can come up with a million excuses for not being able to make that quiet time for myself.  It's something I'm working on.

This morning I just had the strongest desire to feel God's presence, 
to commune with Him in the midst of little ones running around my feet and the never ending "to-do" list.
I turned on my Pandora praise station and started cleaning,
and the Lord met me and filled my soul in the best way.
It was so much better for me today than a workout.
I was struck by how ordinary the tasks I was doing were,
and yet how extraordinary our God is...
that my kids can be playing around my feet,
that I can still be accomplishing things,
and yet feel so connected to the Lord.

May you be blessed today as you go about your "normal" tasks...
communing with God all the while.



Kelly said…
It will be a sad day when the pet store, parks, Target toy dept., etc. don't entertain the kids. Such simple pleasures. :)
Heather said…
Have you ever done the study Simplify Your Life? It talks about how we should thank & praise God while doing our daily chores. For example, washing clothes, instead of complaining about how laundry is NEVER ending, thank him for the clothes that you have... that your kids have plenty of clothes. Same for other daily chores. Its crazy how it can change your WHOLE day!
Crystal Keilers said…
Love it. Yes, I am always so touched when God meets me and it has nothing to do with my best effort.
Christy said…
I love this reminder of how God is in the little things too. :)

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