A valve box and Date Night

Yesterday Matt and his handy assistant were outside cleaning out an area beneath 3 huge redwoods in our backyard. 

While working Matt found something that made us VERy happy....

That doesn't look exciting does it?
It's a valve box.
We have 15 valves on our property and we had found 14 of them.
This sucker is the one valve box we've been searching for since we moved here, nearly a year ago!
It's the only valve box that was broken and had sprinklers that did not work.
Matt was able to fix it yesterday and get the sprinklers working.
You have no idea how much we've searched for this illusive valve box so that we could get the sprinklers working.  They are the sprinklers that control the back bed that is probably the most looked at area of our back yard.  I'm SO excited that since we now have working sprinklers we will be able to get that area planted with some pretty stuff :)

Okay, now that I've probably put you to sleep with my sprinkler talk, onto something more interesting...
My mom was super sweet and came over to watch the kids yesterday evening so that Matt and I could go out on a date.  When she first got here she enjoyed some reading and snuggling with Alayna and I had to take a picture or two...

Then of course since Matt and I were looking nice I had to have a picture snapped of us...

Then of course since we were all outside I had to snap a picture of my mom and the kids ;)

For our date Matt and I headed out to Victoria Gardens.  We first stopped into Total Wine and enjoyed a little wine tasting.  We were not wowed by anything and decided we're not huge fans of wines from Chile (which is most of what we sampled).

 We then headed over to King's Fish House for a scrumptious dinner.  I had hazelnut crusted coho salmon with a lemon herb butter.  It was DELICIOUS and I ate every last bite.  Matt went for the ceder plank coho salmon which was also quite tasty.  After enjoying a great meal with uninterrupted conversation we strolled around for a bit and then went to the movies.  We saw The Change Up.  It had a lot of foul language but was enjoyable, we both liked it.  We got to the movies about once or twice a year, it's not a common thing for us :)  We always figure if we get the chance to go out we want to enjoy conversation and not just sit there at a movie, however since my mom was at our house from 4:00-11:00 we had plenty of time for both :)

It was a great evening and much needed.  I sure am grateful to my mom for not only babysitting, but wanting to be with my kids and enjoying her time with them :)

Alayna has come down with a nasty cold so I stayed home from church with her.  I went to Staters and got all my grocery shopping done... amazing how easy that is with only one child (and the one who will happily sit in the child's seat).  Tonight we're going to grill up some steaks and shrimp, and fresh veggies... one of my favorite meals we make :)  I also made up another batch of tasty salsa using ingredients from my garden.

Now I'm off to read my camera manual and hopefully close my eyes for a little bit as well :) 



Heather said…
Hope you guys had a GREAT night!
Kelly said…
How great that your date night was really a date afternoon AND night! Sounds like a perfect night (except your fishy restaurant choice...hahaha!). I love your shoes!

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