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Alayna and Minnie

One of the gifts Alayna received for her birthday was a set of Minnie Mouses that can be dressed with little plastic clothes.  She LOVES it and plays with it constantly.  She has birthday parties for Minnie and tries to feed her food from the tea set.  It really is quite adorable and I love that she can play like this.

Apple Cider Donuts at Snowline

I love living so close to Oak Glen.  The kids and pop up there quite often (it's only about 7 minutes from our house).  Last week it was rather warm and I thought it would be nice to get out of the heat for a bit and get some yummy apple cider donuts.  I lugged along my camera for once, and then felt kind of bad because all I did was try to take pictures instead of enjoying being in the moment.  I figured I never take pictures of my own kids in Oak glen (just lots of other people's, lol), so I wanted some for the blog book :)

Ethan scarfed them down and was kind enough to share just a couple with Alayna and I, lol.  We got to taste raspberry apple cider (which I loved) and cherry apple cider (which I didn't care for too much), and the 11 variates of apples they had out (all very yummy).

My kids also thought it was really fun to drink out of the decorative fountain they had, but I didn't take any pictures of that (gross!).

They loved watching the lady make the donuts.  …

Ethan's Scavanger Hunt

The other day I put together a little scavenger hunt for Ethan to do.  I glued pictures of items on an egg carton and he had to go around and find the items and then put them in the egg carton.  The activity was good for about 15 minutes of fun for him.  He was excited to find each item but refused to find a rolly polly and snail shell.  I guess that's his sister's department, lol.

Cookie assisted....


My latest attempt at self portraits...

 I was on my way home from a photoshoot in Oak Glen and thought this place looked lovely.  I was by myself, so I set my camera on a stump, and used the self timer.  Not too shabby considering I even had to set the focus points to focus where my head would be.

It's kind of a fun challenge to actually take a decent self portrait.

This was taken at the park one day.
I was snapping away at my kids and decided I needed to be in at least ONE picture :)

This weekend was big for me.
I photographed my first wedding (as THE photographer).
The other wedding I shot as THE photographer was just 2 hours at a courthouse, it was nothing like the one this weekend.
I met the bride and groom nearly a year ago when I did their engagement pictures (they found me when they saw someone elses' engagement pictures I had done).
They then hired me to do their wedding.
I've been excited (and nervous) ever since :)
I'll admit, last week was filled with a lo…

Alayna's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe I haven't posted pictures of Alayna's birthday, since it was a week and a half ago.  It's been an insane week... photoshoots, shooting my first wedding, day to day life stuff.... you know :)

So, without any further delay, here is Alayna's second birthday.
She woke up to the morning and me, Matt and Ethan walked into her room and sang happy birthday to her.  She then walked out to the bar decorated with a few presents for her.
Notice the life size Mickey Mouse courtesy of my friend Jessice from TMOMS (thank yoU!)
She was tickled at all the stuff.  It was just too cute.
I made a banner of sorts out of some of the pictures from her two year photoshoot.

She was thrilled about her Minnie Mouse and had to hug her right away. She's really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loved her bracelts... as did her brother. We had a few tears over him wanting those.
 Thankfully she's pretty graceous and shared with him,  even though he kept trying to take ALL…