Alayna and Minnie

One of the gifts Alayna received for her birthday was a set of Minnie Mouses that can be dressed with little plastic clothes.  She LOVES it and plays with it constantly.  She has birthday parties for Minnie and tries to feed her food from the tea set.  It really is quite adorable and I love that she can play like this.


krista said…
What a cute toy! Love the Minnie lunch pail too :)
Christy said…
You know it's funny because my girls favorite toys even to this day are the ones that they can carry around in their little bags or pockets. Polly pockets, action figures, little Disney characters etc. So fun!
Crystal said…
Just got caught up. Several things, SO cute to see Alayna all dressed up with her hair done (and no dirt on her face;). Precious girl.

YOU SHOT YOUR FIRST WEDDING! SO exciting!!! I want to hear more when we talk on the phone...soon?

And what is an apple cider donut? Like do they put cider in the mix instead of water? So curious...

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