Alayna's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe I haven't posted pictures of Alayna's birthday, since it was a week and a half ago.  It's been an insane week... photoshoots, shooting my first wedding, day to day life stuff.... you know :)

So, without any further delay, here is Alayna's second birthday.
She woke up to the morning and me, Matt and Ethan walked into her room and sang happy birthday to her.  She then walked out to the bar decorated with a few presents for her.
Notice the life size Mickey Mouse courtesy of my friend Jessice from TMOMS (thank yoU!)
She was tickled at all the stuff.  It was just too cute.
I made a banner of sorts out of some of the pictures from her two year photoshoot.

She was thrilled about her Minnie Mouse and had to hug her right away.
She's really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
She loved her bracelts...
as did her brother.
We had a few tears over him wanting those.

 Thankfully she's pretty graceous and shared with him, 
even though he kept trying to take ALL of them.
 She loved her sunglasses,
I got her two pairs.
 Of course brother had to wear one of them.

After nap time we had a little party for her with our family and the Flores'.
We grilled up some tri-tip,
set up our little bounce house,
had plenty of sugar and lots of fun.

Jolene made adorable (and tasty) cupcakes for her.
I loved the white chocolate mickey mouse heads, too cute.

 She was a little unsure about the candle, but quickly figured it out and devoured her cupcake.

She loved opening her presents and wanted to stop and play with each one.
She received a tea set, and pretend ice cream, a teddy bear (with a hand made outfit) and two little plastic Minnie Mouses that you can dress up.  Too cute.  She LOVED her gifts.

Uncle Mike with Cookie

 Matt's brother Dan was in town to visit, so it was fun to have him be able to join in the festivities.
The three Hekman brothers

I just can't beleive my baby is two....
so sad :(
It sure has gone by fast with her!


Noreen said…
Cute party! Alayna already looks so different from the last time I saw her. She is beautiful!

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