Apple Cider Donuts at Snowline

I love living so close to Oak Glen.  The kids and pop up there quite often (it's only about 7 minutes from our house).  Last week it was rather warm and I thought it would be nice to get out of the heat for a bit and get some yummy apple cider donuts.  I lugged along my camera for once, and then felt kind of bad because all I did was try to take pictures instead of enjoying being in the moment.  I figured I never take pictures of my own kids in Oak glen (just lots of other people's, lol), so I wanted some for the blog book :)

Ethan scarfed them down and was kind enough to share just a couple with Alayna and I, lol.  We got to taste raspberry apple cider (which I loved) and cherry apple cider (which I didn't care for too much), and the 11 variates of apples they had out (all very yummy).

My kids also thought it was really fun to drink out of the decorative fountain they had, but I didn't take any pictures of that (gross!).

They loved watching the lady make the donuts.  Since we were like one of three other people there she turned it on and made some just so they could watch her.

I set my camera on the table and took these next three shots of Alayna and I using my timer.

Oh, and if you notice my pictures are a little different, it's because I've switched over to Lightroom from Photoshop and I'm still learning my way around :)  One thing I know, is that it's pretty darn awesome and is cutting down my processing time by quite a bit.


Kelly said…
We will have to join you there sometime. We always just do hiking or the petting zoo area. That looks fun :)
Leslie said…
I was thinking the same thing as Kelly, that we should come meet you....

oh for the love of the apple doughnuts.. they are my fav.... :)

maybe do some mom/kid photo shoots.... for one another....

maybe as gifts for the dads at Christmas... ???
krista said…
Ahhh Oak Glen. One of the major benefits of living in Yucaipa...being close to Oak Glen :) Your pics look great. The open mouth shot of E is my fave! So fun that you are learning LR. Cutting down processing time = awesome! We will see you guys at the picnic on Thurs- yay!

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