Confessions of a music junkie

If you know us well, it's no secret that Matt and I are music junkies.  We love us some good music.  The crazy thing about us is that our taste is quite varied and wide.  We are not one dimensional when it comes to music.  We enjoy nearly every type of music (the one genre I can't stand is heavy metal).

Want to know what my absolute favorite genre of music is?
It might surprise you....
house music
I love, love, love a good dance beat.
Matt and I, we know all the good house DJs.
If the rave scene wasn't so drug filled and crazy,
we would totally go to one and rock out.
Does that surprise you?
I put on my favorite Sirius station (BPM) and dance in my living room around 4:30 every day.  It gets me pumped up to cook dinner :)
My kids love rocking out as well.

A couple of awesome house songs...
Slumber (Steve Forte Rio)
The Sound of the Times (Robbie Rivera)
Beautiful People (Benny Banassi and Chris Brown... btw did you catch Chris Brown's performance at the MTV VMAs?  It totally rocked.  The whole beater thing aside, he's a really great performer.)
Little Bird (Kim Sozzi)
And of course, if you like house then you love Tiesto.

Want to know something else....
I was in band in middle school and high school.
Only I wasn't a nerd, I was a cool band kid ;)
I played the alto saxophone.
I was in jazz band, concert band... and ..... gasp...
marching band!
I think learning about music, and how to read it, and perform it...
it plants a seed in your soul that just grows.
The older I get, the more varied my tastes get.
Jazz music, worship music, alternative, R&B, house, classical... I love them all.

I love cooking to good music,
driving to good music,
working with good music playing,
having good music on while we eat,
and pretty much any other time.
I love music.

What's your favorite type of music?



Annette said…
Jess, I love it all too! I've even come to appreciate the good reformed rap that's out there. I recently re-discovered a Christian band I listened to back in college and renewed my love of acappella music. (think Straight No Chaser) Call me weird, but I also enjoy barbershop quartets!

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