Dining Alfresco

One of my favorite parts of summer is dining alfresco (aka eating on the back patio).
We eat outside nearly ever night,
with the exception of the few days during the summer that it was nearly 100 degrees at dinner time.
We dine outside with just the four of us,
and we dine outside when friends come over as well.
I love that I've hardly had to clean my dining room all summer ;)

Here are a few pictures from when the Flores family came over for dinner this past week,
always a highlight of the week :)

Alayna and "Uncle Danny".

My man is a master at the BBQ :)

Here are some pictures of my own little family from last night,
dining alfresco.
laying on a blanket and laughing.
running through the sprinklers.
eating popsicles.
and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

This looks really gross, but it's just a homeade popsicle.  
I snuck in some spinach which turned them green :)

Matt and I were laughing at her...
she's so very sweet and loveable, 
and she consantly wants cuddles.
She's always telling us "I lub you mom", and "I lub you dad".
She's almost never clean.
One touch from her grubby hands will leave you dirty,
but how can you resist???

The best part about this weekend is that it's not over yet!
Happy Labor Day!


Kelly said…
I want to eat outside for dinner, but our house is faced so that the sun is right there (and we have no patio cover). Maybe after the time change it will be shaded enough. Love that pizza!
Christine said…
I love this! We haven't eaten outside once this Summer - and we usually make a point to do it. There are just too many flies and the stress of bringing out all the food and then cleaning it all up and bringing it all back in the house. sigh! But you've inspired me. I LOVE eating out back - i guess i just forgot about it with this heat too.

Love your pics- as always. Your daughter is growing up so much!!

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