Happy 2nd Birthday Alayna!

Two years ago today I met my sweet baby girl for the very first time.
I was smitten, and still am.
I have thoroughly enjoyed her this year, and boy has it flown by.
I made a video/picture montage of her second year.
It's a tad long, since I have hundreds of pictures of her, and even at that, I only chose my favorites.

Happy birthday baby girl...
you'll always be my baby :)
I love you more than words could ever express.


Teresa DiMillo said…
Your videos always make me cry! I can't believe how much she has grown in a year! When she was playing peek a boo, Taelyn started playing with her, it was cute. Love the video Jess. Happy Birthday Alayna Joy!!!
Christy said…
Ahhhh...happy bday sweet girl. Good job keeping your mommy on her toes these past two years.
Noreen said…
So sweet! I love your video montage! Happy birthday Alayna!

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