The highlights of my week, food edition

As summer is coming to an end, this week we enjoyed some of my favorite summertime foods.

Caprese made with heirloom yellow tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes from my garden, fresh mozzarella, basil from my garden, olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.

If fresh mozarella is on hand,
and tomatoes are abundant in the garden, 
the next logical step is tomato-basil pizza,
made with homemade pizza crust of course.

A favorite all summer long this year,
enjoyed by every member of my family...
grilled corn on the cob.
I rub them down with butter mixed with salt, paprika and chilie powder and then grill.

 My weekday lunch as of late,
a veggie burger, dill pickle, and whatever veggies I have.  I dip them in hummus mixed with salsa.  Unsweetened iced tea is consumed in large quantities around here :)

What have you been eating lately?


Christy said…
Yummy! We do our corn on the grill that way as well except we smear ours with mayo. I had the BEST veggie burger ever last night when Dan and I were in Laguna Beach for our Married Life retreat. I can't take credit for it but it was delicious. It had black beans, brown rice, peppers, corn and mayo all mixed together. YUMMY!
Patty said…
mmmmm.......everything looks delicious, Jess!
I made gazpacho yesterday using all stuff from our garden. Pioneer Woman's recipe is so good!
Last week Alan made a pizza with a tomatillo sauce, fresh corn and grape tomatoes (all from our garden). We are going to make it again tomorrow, but adding bacon because well, everything is better with bacon!
Christine said…
that pizza may just be the highlight of my week too! THat looks SO GOOD! I'm drooling!

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