My latest attempt at self portraits...

 I was on my way home from a photoshoot in Oak Glen and thought this place looked lovely.  I was by myself, so I set my camera on a stump, and used the self timer.  Not too shabby considering I even had to set the focus points to focus where my head would be.

It's kind of a fun challenge to actually take a decent self portrait.

This was taken at the park one day.
I was snapping away at my kids and decided I needed to be in at least ONE picture :)

This weekend was big for me.
I photographed my first wedding (as THE photographer).
The other wedding I shot as THE photographer was just 2 hours at a courthouse, it was nothing like the one this weekend.
I met the bride and groom nearly a year ago when I did their engagement pictures (they found me when they saw someone elses' engagement pictures I had done).
They then hired me to do their wedding.
I've been excited (and nervous) ever since :)
I'll admit, last week was filled with a lot of nerves... big time nerves.
I did a lot of preparation (as much as you can do as a photographer),
rented this really nice zoom lens (which I'm now lusting after big time),
brought along this cool macro lens (which my dentist lent me, is that awesome or what?),
had an awesome second photographer assisting me during the formal portraits (thank you Mark, you totally rock!),
had a very cool photobooth run by two more awesome photographers (thank you Stark Love Photography),
and worked my little heart out.

I have never done anything as hard as that day was.
It was so much fun...
and so much work...
non stop work.
I took 15 minutes to sit down and eat dinner during my 9 hours of shooting.
I came home and have never felt so tired in my life.
It took me a whole day to recover,
popping pain relievers and resting.
But I ended up with great shots,
so I'll be editing all week....
I took a few thousand photos.
Of course I'll only be using the best 500-800 ;)

My next wedding is in November, at the beach.
I'm stoked.
I'm hooked.
I love wedding photography (but I don't think I could do it every weekend, lol).

I'll make sure to let you know when I get all my pictures finished and up in a gallery,
because I know you're dying to see them, right??  ;)

 So other than all the photog stuff, I've just been up to my normal mom stuff, and of course still going to the gym faithfully :)  I had a goal when I started back at the gym in February that I wanted to look and feel better than I have in a LONG time by my 30th birthday.  That is only a couple of weeks away, and I'd say I met that goal.  I feel in better shape than I can ever remember.  I love feeling strong.  Weight wise I've only lost 5 pounds, but I also dropped my body fat from 19% to 16%, so that is great :)

Ethan has been challangeing me tremendously lately.
I know I've said that a lot, but right now he is particularly challenging.
Matt and I talk daily about how to best parent him.
I have to start every day in prayer that the Lord would help me be the mom he needs.

Okay, enough of me :) 
I'm going to go read about you...
on your blog :)


Kelly said…
So glad the wedding went well! I can only imagine how exhausting it must have been. Glad you are excited for your next one and not dreading it (since it was prob booked before this one!). :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
I love that you did a blog about you! It is nice to take the time and reflect on what you are doing, especially when you are so consumed with your kids and everyday life. You are such a great Mama and I'm so proud of how your "little" photography business is taking off! I think I may have gotten you some clients... I gave away my last card of yours to my cousin. She loved my maternity pics and wants you to do some family pictures for Christmas.
Stacy said…
love your self portraits and YaY for you about the wedding.. soo cool to work hard and feel satisfied by it :-)
Rhonda said…
Glad the wedding went well. I can't wait to see some of the images.
Christy said…
I can't wait to see the pictures you took. So fun. We are so proud of you girl! Oh and it's funny we saw you taking those self portraits and Dan thought you had broken down so he went to pull over and I yelled,"NO she's just taking pictures of herself!" he had the most confused man look I have ever seen! LOL!
Brenna said…
I've been checking out your blog lately and I just had to see what you said about our wedding day. lol. You did and AMAZING job! I'm not surprised you were exhausted, it was a very long day. I was pooped myself. lol. It's really hard to believe it was your first wedding, you were such a pro! I LOVE my photos. Thank you so much :)

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