Photoshoot with my kids

I posted these pictures on my photography blog, but I want them to be included in my blog book, so I'm putting them on here as well :)

Can you beleive I’ve never taken my little ones out with the sole purpose of doing a photoshoot just for them?  Now don’t get me wrong, I have tons and tons of pictures of them, but they are always taken around the house, in the yard, or when we happen to be doing something fun.  Since my little girl turns two this week and my son will be four in a month and a half I was determined to do a “real” photoshoot just for them.  I am a huge sucker for sun flare, and I have almost no pictures of my own kids with the sun setting, so that’s what most of these have:)  I took them out to a field, had my trusty helper come along (a.k.a. my accommodating hubby), and brought some of their most favorite toys along: the dump trucks.  These pictures totally encompass who my kids are right now, and I love them.

If you want to see all of the pictures I edited, I put them in a gallery on my Smug Mug site.


Shelly McGuire said…
So awesome Salch!!!! Love them :)
Kelly said…
Beautiful! I love the ones with the truck. And the lighting is awesome in all of them!
Crystal said…
The lighting is amazing.

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