Annual October Flores Fun

For the second year in a row we had the Flores Family over for a sleepover and then went up to Oak Glen the next morning.  They came over Friday evening and left Saturday afternoon.  We dined on chili and cornbread and pumpkin cake with fresh whipped cream.  In the morning I made an egg casserole and the yummiest pumpkin coffee cake.  If you want the recipe click here.  Jolene brought along some pumpkin spiced caramel corn and pumpkin cheesecake bars that were oh so yummy.

We tried letting the big boys sleep in the same room, but finally around 10:45 Jolene pulled Christian out because they just couldn't stop chatting, lol.  It was really funny.  They were just so excited to be together :)

It's always fun when you can enjoy your friends and they don't have to drive home.  We went to bed around midnight.  Unfortunately the Flores boys didn't have the best night of sleep... Christian awoke at 3 am from the bright moonlight thinking it was morning and proceeded to wake his brother.  oops!  After breakfast and hanging out we headed up to Oak Glen.  We first stopped at Snowline to get some apples, apple donuts of course, and some fresh cider.  We then headed over to the park (or as Ethan refers to it "my favorite park with the tire swing").

I've been teaching Matt to shoot in manual, and ALL of these pictures were taken by him (except for the first one), and then edited by me (in Lightroom).  :)  I'm super proud of him.  He's a quick learner!  He loves landscapes and wide angle shooting (two areas I don't do very much), so it's a perfect combo.  I'm actually bringing him in to second shoot with me at the wedding I have coming up in November.  I'm pumped that I'll be able to have him by my side the entire day.

Anyhow, here are a lot of pictures :)  Enjoy!

Nothing like fresh apple cider.... so tasty

The four kiddos.... this is the best we got
Can we say "cheese"????  :)

I feel kinda vain posting so many pictures of myself.  
I guess I'm Matt's favorite subject ;)
Danny and Jon on the slide

ahhhh, my little sweetie
My little family
The Flores fam

Love this picture of jolene... good job Matt
Love that you can see my whole family in the reflection of the glasses
 We stopped into the Old School House Museum since we were right there and it was open.  The kids has fun sitting at the old desks.


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